Looking For Working Men - Bali

Portrait of workers, craftmen, artisans in Bali, Indonesia

• Bali •
by Roman Jehanno
About Looking for Working Men
Roman Jehanno sheds light on the esthetics of the XXIst century men and women in their working environment. This collection is a testimony about the knowledge and human savoir-faire and let us met all the beauty of those working men that strives to accomplish a lifetime duty. The project is composed of several collections focusing on a specific trade, location, or group of individuals linked by their activity. 
Weavers, metal workers, barbers, sommeliers, tatoo artists... Each and everyone of them wields a precious talent that needs to be brought to light, and holds a key to understanding a bit more of the cultures of our world.

About the Bali Collection
After Europe, The Dockers of Le Havre harbor and Craftmen of Austral Africa, I invite you to discover the craftmen and workers of Bali. 
Traditional wood carvers, salt harvesters, bamboo quaryer, handcraft paper maker or ceramists ; Bali is one of thoses places where craft and talent seems to be found at every corner
I Made Ada, Famous traditional sculptor and wood carver from Pakudui Village. 
Pad Kaping the Salt Harverster on the Kusamba beach.
Wood carver working on the last peace of the master Made Leno, injured on the arm and unable to finish it. 
Michela Foppiani and Marcello Massoni. 
Michela is the owner and Creative Director of Gaya Ceramic and Design. Her usband Marcello is the C.E.O. of the brand. He's also a ceramist Himself. Both started ceramic 15 years ago 
I Wayan Bagiarta (on the left) 34yo produce glaze and clay since 2012. 
I Agus Wiarta (on the right) 21yo, produce clay since 2.5years,
Unknown - Shell harvester woman
Balineses girls wearing traditional clothes
Unknown - bird merchant
Unknown - Fighting cock trainer
unknown, traditional wood carver
The founder of Indobamboo, Arief Rabik, is a second generation bamboo specialist, following in the footsteps of his mother Linda Garland, who founded the Environmental Bamboo Foundation. Linda is well-regarded for putting in place the ground work that made many giant leaps possible for industrialists, designers and scientists focused on bamboo, helping push the international development in bamboo industry. Arief is an environmental scientist in his own right with over 15 years of experience in bamboo forest management and production.
Unknown - Fighting cock trainer
Buis the boilerman and Cosme the timor Stallion ; Both hard workers.
Unknown - Rice Farmer
Kayona, wood artist uses deep roots of trees that has been cut to create impressive and monumentals peaces of art. Kayona never cut any wood but gather driftwoods and roots as it comes to him.
Kayona Wood worker
Dewa Astawa, Block Making at Indobamboo
Eman, Press at Indobamboo
Suprapo, moulder at Indobamboo
Pande the Driver at Indobamboo
Ketut Swastika. from easy bali poverty projects bamboo coop. Arief trained him, from scratch.
Ibu Jero the Dryline queen and her coworker
Pak Agus the Production Engineer
Ibu Enteg the Warung lady
Pad Kaping, his wife son and grandson 
Kadek Suartika, 27yo, Handthrower since 9 years. He Studied ceramics in a vocational school and joined Jenggala directly into our hand throwing department. Very skilled and can make large pots as well as cup and smaller shapes. He listens to the Balinese bamboo flute musician, Agus Teja, while he works. 
Nyoman Dadi, 43yo, is a mold setting since 8 yeras. He also has a small business with his wife at home, selling traditional balinese desserts/snacs known as "Jajan Bali"
John Adsit, 52yo, Marketing manager of Jenggala, worked already 21years for the company. He moves from California to Bali 28 years ago, doing business here from day one, and always gfound ways to stay in Bali. He took ceramic classes in High school and college, but never for a degree... always loves working with ceramics
Nyoman Alit, 38yo, Mixing pigments since 9 years at Sadus Tiles
Jero Ratna, 44Yo, Assistant manager at Sadus Tiles since 5 years
Kadek Warniati, 33yo Cleaning and packing tiles since 2years 
Wayan Sudiasa, 35yo, employable in every spots, working at Sadus Tiles since a year and a half 
Wayan Suardika, 19yo filing the tiles since 7 months 
Komang Bagong, 43yo, Mixing cement and sand since 9 years
They work at Sadus Tiles 
Wayan Sudiasa, 35yo, Employable in every spot since a year and half at Sadus Tiles 
Wayan Suriada, 38yo, owner of Sadus Tiles since 10 years and a Half
Saraswati Papers Workers
Saraswati Papers Worker
Ida Bagus Anom, 64yo, Mask maker and Dancer
One of the wood carver working for the Tilem Family
I Gusti Made Ngurah Wiguna (Gusti), 45yo, Clay Thrower since 9years. Like to listen to music and want to be a successful person
I Gede Oka Noradiyasa (Gede), 30yo clay producer since a year. He like to promote the company Gaya Ceramic and Design. And dreams about change. 
One of the wood carver working for the Tilem Family
Agung Meong (Gung Meong), 25yo, Clay Trimmer since 2 years. He likes fishing.
Komang Adi Mahendra Putra (Mang Adi), 28yo, Clay Thrower since 5 years. He's an animal lover and would like to have his own ceramic business
Andri Priwi Bowo (Andri), 26yo is a Clay Trimer since 2 years. He likes football and want to have his own ceramic company
Irina Pampararo, 49yo is Sale and Marketing Advisor at Gaya Ceramic and Design since 3years. The loves to travel, to learn new languages. She's also a scuba diving aficionados. She dreams about writing a book and being able to speak 10 laguages and to go on the road again in 10 years from now...
Putu Dadi et Made Leno. Made Leno is one of the last traditional wood carver in Bali.
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